Dog behaviourist and dog training services in Norwich and Norfolk

We offer one to one dog behaviourist and dog training consultations at your home, covering Norwich and Norfolk. Our positive techniques are at the forefront of current research into dog behaviour. With over 12 years experience in dog training and behaviour we can provide you and your dog with expert training and advice. We offer one to one training specifically tailored to your needs as we know each dog is unique.

At Mischievous Mutts we use positive-based and force-free training dog training methods for maximum success and your pet’s happiness.

How can we help?

Our behavioural analysis identifies the root cause of the problem behaviours and then, via a personalised training plan, we rework the dog’s emotional state by teaching alternative acceptable behaviours. Many other dog training methods unfortunately use punishment for a quick fix but this will only serve to suppress a behaviour and more often than not, the underlying anxiety or frustration is still present and can manifest itself in other ways.

We have experience working with the following:

  • Rescue dogs
  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Separation Anxiety and related issues
  • Aggression towards people and other dogs
  • Posessiveness
  • Barking and growling at visitors
  • ‘Reactive’ dogs
  • Hyperactivity
  • Adolescent behaviours.
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How much does it cost?

Please visit the consultation fees page for a detailed description of what is included within a behaviourist consultation and obedience training session. We can adjust sessions to fit your requirements should you have a different need to those stated.

Meet our dog behaviourist Becci, a full member of CAPBT